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The Big “Three” After Rotation

Posted by Cody Manson 08/18/2017 0 Comment(s)

The Big “Three” After Rotation

By Cody Manson

Two weeks from now the worlds tournament will be over, the old set will rotate and a new meta will be ushered in. Talk at the card shop and on the internet all seem to agree that there will be a rock, paper, scizor match against the three most anticipated decks to make tournament top 8 results. These three consist of Gardevoir GX beating Volcanion EX (and everything else), Volcanion EX beats Metagross GX and Metagross keeps Gardevoir in check. With this in mind I don’t think it’s a clear three-way tie as everyone makes it out to be. Gardevoir will still be the best deck around but will constantly be challenged by Metagross, while Volcanion falls short of both decks.

Gardevoir GX

Gardevoir Gx is clearly in a league of it’s own being the strongest GX card printed so far.

Pokemon: 19                                             Trainers: 30                                            Energy:11

4x Ralts                                               4x Professor Sycamore                       7x Fairy energy

3x Kirlia                                               3x N                                                       4x Double colourless

3x Gardevoir GX                                  3x Guzma

1x Gallade                                           1x Brigette

2x Remoraid                                       1x Fisherman

2x Octillery                                         4x Ultra ball

2x Diancie                                           3x Rare Candy

2x Tapu Lele GX                                  3x Choice Band

                                                            2x Float Stone

                                                             2x Fairy Gardens


It’s attack Infinite force is nothing new, we’ve seen it before on cards such as Lugia EX and Tapu Lele GX, but with a multiplier of 30. However, paired with it’s ability Secret Spring to accelerate energy makes Gardevoir the format defining card that it is. Its power can spike by 90 damage by attaching a double colorless for the turn and the bonus fairy energy you get from the ability. Add the energy your opponents Pokémon has and throw in a choice band and your hitting 150+ damage on your first turn potentially. Add a second or third Gardevoir GX and you’ll be up to 200-300 damage in a couple turns. The two issues with this deck are evolving (Like most stage 2 Pokémon) and keeping energy a constant flow since you go through it very quickly. The rest of the deck is dedicated to fixing these issues making the deck far more consistent. Rare candy and Diancie help with evolution while the Gallade/Octillery combo filter your draws. The biggest issue that will hold the deck back from dominating is its weakness to metal. Metagross being the most viable metal type (sorry Scizor) will rise in popularity as the counter pick to Gardevoir.





Metagross GX

After rotation Metagross GX loses three of its major threats: Hex Maniac for ability locking, Flareon which turned all your Pokémon into a fire type, and Vs Seeker for extra uses of Hex Maniac and N (Hand/set up disruption)


Pokémon: 16                                      Trainers: 34                                      Energy: 10

4x Beldum                                          3x Professor Sycamore                     7x Metal energy

2x Metang                                          3x N                                                  3x Psychic energy

4x Metagross GX                                3x Guzma

2x Vulpix                                            2x Skyla

1x Necrozma GX                                1x Brigette

3x Tapu Lele GX                                 1x Lillie

                                                            1x Sophocles

                                                            1x Professor Kukui

                                                            4x Ultra Ball

                                                            4x Rare Candy

                                                            4x Choice Band

                                                            3x Max Potion

                                                            2x Field blower

                                                            2x Rescue Stretcher


Guzma makes having only one or two Metagross on the field a much bigger threat. Typically, the deck needs three to switch between them and re-attach the three energy back to the new active Metagross using its ability Geotech System. This allows you to attack each turn with Giga Hammer since the de-buff prevents that Metagross from attacking the next turn. With Guzma you not only put their vulnerable Pokémon up front but you move the active, set up Metagross to the bench removing the de-buff. All you have to do is put a free retreater or more commonly a Pokémon with a retreat cost of one (like Tapu Lele for example) and then Geotech or attach an energy so you can retreat back into your fully set up Metagross. This makes attacking much easier in the early game when you’re still setting up the trio. Along with its large 250 health points and synergy with Max Potion, Metagross GX can survive a huge amount of damage and heal it all off with no draw back. Making it frustrating for your opponent to K.O any of your Pokémon. The large issue with this deck is it has a very slow start most of the time. Since the deck requires you to have 2-3 Metagross on the field to function, your opponents can use that to dismantle your plans early. Its best support for this is Vulpix being able to find you any two Pokémon with its free attack or even its Algorithm GX attack can find you 5 cards if your desperate. With N in the format though both can be difficult to use. Rare Candy and draw cards are definitely the fastest way to set up for this deck.



What about Volcanion EX?


The issue with Volcanion EX (and all other basic GX/EX Pokémon) and why I think it doesn’t directly counter Metagross GX is its health points are too low. Volcanion EX being at 180 is the sweet spot for Metagross to one shot it with a choice band. Since Metagross can K.O Volcanion right back it makes it difficult for Volcanion decks to take advantage of the type advantage.


Pokemon: 13                                        Trainers: 33                                           Energy: 14

3x Volcanion                                     4x Professor Sycamore                                    14x Fire energy

3x Volcanion EX                                3x N

2x Turtonator GX                                3x Guzma

1x Ho-Oh GX                                       2x Kiawe

1x Staryu                                             2x Acerola

1x Starmie                                           4x Ultra Ball

2x Tapu Lele GX                                  4x Max Elixir

                                                            3x Choice Band

                                                            2x Field Blower

                                                            2x Float Stone

                                                            1x Rescue Stretcher

                                                                 3x Brooklet Hill


Volcanion does run some GXs such as Turtonator and Ho-oh which are both sitting at 190 health points. These are just secondary attackers though and if one of them does get set up all Metagross would need is a Kukui and it would still one shot. Volcanion isn’t out by any stretch it just doesn’t have a huge advantage over Metagross. With out a clear advantage Volcanion falls out of favour for me when it comes to the top 3 decks.


The Grudge Match

It comes down to two competitors in the ring for the top spot. Both Gardevoir and Metagross have high damage, large amount of health, and energy acceleration but with the metal weakness does that mean Metagross will be number 1? Not quiet, the fact of the matter is that Gardevoir simply has better support and its ridicules damage output handles every other deck a whole lot better than Metagross can. Often times Metagross will start slow and rely on either drawing blindly into the cards it needs or searching with Vulpix and Skyla. The issue with Vulpix is that it ends your turn after searching and your opponent will often shuffle it away with N. While Gardevoir on the other hand has Diancie which evolves strait on to the Pokémon instead of putting in your hand making its start much faster. The Gallade/Octillery combo can draw you into what ever you need in the mid to late game when resources run dry. Gardevoir’s damage is far above Metagross being able to hit 210 damage in a couple turns, which Knocks out most Pokémon. While Metagross can one shot basics it will have a much harder time dealing with stage 1 or other stage 2 Pokémon. Metagross is still strong and can win quite regularly but Gardevoir is so much more powerful of a card. I believe that Gardevoir will be the best deck this season, with Metagross making several placings as the second best deck, while Volcanion will underperform but will still place relatively high.



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